Surveillance is basically observing an individual or a group of people who are the main target. A very close watch is kept on the target without nay kind of traces. Surveillance includes – keeping a close watch on the person, following him and his activities, his where about, his daily routine and very action taken by him is kept an eye upon and that too in such a way that he can not even think of the fact that somebody is spying upon him and his group.

Top class and latest technology equipments like CCTV cameras etc are used for the verification and the information provided after the completion of the project is backed by photographs, video and audio recordings.

Surveillance operations are carried not only to prove a person guilty. There are many times when a person is pushed into something where in he is not involved anywhere in reality, but to prove that he is not guilty we need proofs. So we at SWD does our work in such a way that the culprit can not be left out from our eyes and no body can forcefully involve a person in some kind of crime for his own benefits.