Handwriting & Fingerprint Check

Hand writing check and finger prints check cases are mostly common in corporates and in property related cases. It has been observed that especially in corporates, many cases occur of signatures not done by the authorized person, theft, and many other things like that. It becomes very tough in such cases to know who is behind all this as no forensic experts are sitting in the office to deal in such cases.

It actually becomes very tough to sense the involvement of one person as the chain is long. If one has signed some document from one company then the other person knows about the fraud and he for his benefit get the things more manipulated and difficult to trace.

The limit to which hand writing can be misused is beyond the limits. At ACE Detectives, we have a team of professionally qualified and trained staff that makes it easy for you to get hold of the culprit. Thorough research is done to find the person involved in fraud and tests are conducted in our specially formed forensic lab, where the forensic experts are the ones, who are the best in the industry.