Counter Surveillance

CCounter surveillance as the term suggests means to check whether a particular person or an organization is being surveilled and if the result is yes, then we at secret watch detectives neutralize or stops the same. In simple words, if some body is keeping an eye on you then we would find out with the help of the professional staff and latest equipments and we would seize all the things that are being used to keep a check on your movements. It is not only in the case of an individual, but counter surveillance is carried on for big corporates too.

Today, if you own a big textile business, then your competitor for sure wants to know what you are coming up next with, how and in collaboration of whom. They want to know the inside out secrets of your company so that they can also come up with something like that to give you a bog competition. This can prove to be really harmful for your company. For doing this, your competitor would use all the latest technological equipments like cameras, recorders etc and would fix them with you in such a way that even small details of your business would be within their reach.